Welcome to Ajay Sensors!

Ajay Sensors & Instruments was established in the year 1992.

Backed by Mr. M.V. Vrishabhendra, Founder & Chief Executive (having experience of over 35 years in the field of Instrumentation & Electronics), AJAY SENSORS & INSTRUMENTS is aimed at delivering quality products to the industry.

The company started off with design, development and manufacturing various transducers and digital indicators for measurement of Strain, Torque, Pressure, Displacement, Temperature, Vibration and other Laboratory Equipments / Teaching Aids. Presently, the main activities are in the field of test and measurement instrumentation for measurement, analysis and control of Load, Force, Pressure, Torque, Displacement, Motion, Vibration, Sound, Vacuum and Strain.

AJAY SENSORS & INSTRUMENTS is manned by experienced professionals and is primarily engaged in manufacturing activities related to SENSORS, SIGNAL CONDITIONERS & CONTROLLERS for the measurement of physical parameters. There are dedicated teams to excel in Measurement, Analysis and Control of various physical parameters and perform to meet the requirements of Industry, Defense, R&D Laboratories, Technical Education Institutions, Railways, Agriculture or any other place wherever the need exists.

The company has come a long way in gaining experience and knowledge to become one of the leading Instrumentation companies in India, thus promoting Make in India concept.

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Electronic research and design facility is backed by state of art computers, design and analysis software, latest Electronics Digital Instruments, Computer Aided Design facility for various digital and analog electronic circuits with features for Simulation, Analysis and Reporting. Computer based PCB Design software is used for Electronic Circuit Board Design.

Mechanical research and design facility is equipped with 3D design software with analysis. There is a full-fledged and updated library of various mechanical components and systems.

Software design and development facility is equipped with latest advanced software for design, development and programming for Instrumentation and Electronics, Computer Interfacing, Embedded Programming, PLC, SCADA, HMI and Automation.


Electronic production facility is equipped with state of the Digital Instruments for interface Quality Controls. Raw materials that are type-approved components from LCSO, DOT, Defense and other Government Test and Approved Department are used. All the necessary equipments/tools required for Electronic Production are made readily available.

Mechanical production facility is equipped with state of art CNC machines for turning, milling, conventional machines, welding machine, gas brazing, grinding and shaping. There are also heavy fabrication facilities to handle I-section beams & girders and sheet metal fabrication.


The sensors undergo vigorous quality control tests to meet high level of accuracy and other international standards.

Quality control and calibration facility provides latest technology and facilities for Quality Control and calibration of Speed, Load, Force, Thrust, Pressure, Strain, Displacement, Elongation, Vibration, Sound Flow and Acceleration with other standard instrument for calibrating Electronic parameters and Electronic Dynamometers.

Mechanical quality control is used for various test and measuring Instruments like Verniers, Micrometers, Dial Gauges, and Height Gauges Thread Gauges, Electron Micron – limit for quality control and maintenance of accuracy.


We have been catering products to various Defence applications and also to process industries.

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Chief Executive

Retired Deputy Director from Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, (LPSC, Bangalore) ISRO, Department of Space, Government of India, spanning 40 years of experience in the field of Instrumentation. He is the driving force behind all the innovations and development of the company.



Managing Partner

An engineer from RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, Ajay joined the concern soon after his graduation. His involvement since last 24 years in various fields of Instrumentation has propelled the organization to very high levels of success and benchmark the products amongst other organizations globally at optimum costs.